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Quick Review: “Oh Danny Boy” by Rhys Bowen

on July 28, 2010

I had missed Bowen’s “Oh Danny Boy” while I was reading the Molly Murphy mysteries and read it last week after finding it at the library. This is a quick review as I’ve already written about this series (and okay, I’m really supposed to be packing as we’re leaving on vacation today!).

“Oh Danny Boy” finds Molly’s love, Daniel Sullivan, arrested and held in The Tombs, falsely accused of taking bribes and engaging in illegal activities. Molly sets off to clear his name and set him free, while also getting entangled in horse racing, prize-fighting, and a serial killer.

I wanted to mention this book as I felt is was much less “cozy” than the previous MM books I’ve read. (SPOILER ALERT!) Molly is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Young girls are being assaulted and mutilated. There was a lot of seediness in this book (coupled with a lot of whining by Daniel), and quite honestly it made me care for this one less than the others. However, I come to these books looking for a cozy read – not a real life one. Bowen does portray the grittiness of city life for the poor and middle class with accuracy, in my opinion. It just wasn’t what I was planning on when I took up the book!

Cozy mystery readers – let me know your thoughts! Do you like it when cozies get less cozy than expected?


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